With every piece of jewelry we sell, we're proving that the standard of the jewelry industry can be changed.

Who We Are

"All big things have small beginnings"

Northwood Custom Jewelry is the combined achievement of husband and wife team, Laurel & Allan Hill. Living on the south shore of Nova Scotia, Canada, we, along with our small-but-talented team, create pieces for you and your loved ones that are not only eye-catching, but that have also been made with consideration to ethics, budget, craftsmanship, and design. 

We’ve created our jewelry line to take the guesswork out of making conscientious jewelry choices. Each of our pieces is beautifully designed with ethically sourced materials so that you can shop our collections with ease and wear your jewelry proudly, knowing that it’s been crafted with conflict-free precious metals and gemstones.

Our employees are paid a living wage and don’t work on commission. This ensures they’re working for you, rather than trying to make the biggest sale they can. You can expect them to ask you questions about what you want and what your lifestyle looks like, so they can help you choose a lasting and unique piece of jewelry. 

 You also won’t find strictly defined gender norms at Northwood. While you can buy the traditional Tiffany style setting with a large stone if that’s what you or your loved one is looking for, it won’t be listed as a women’s ring. We believe in wearing what makes you feel most comfortable, so we haven’t gendered the jewelry on our website or in our storefront.  

Our Mission:
Changing the Standard of Jewelry

We believe the future of jewelry is personalized to the individual, and is not focused on the carat weight of the diamond or the dollar amount of the bill. To us, the future is colorful and inclusive, non-gendered and non-conformist. 

It is also a future of global citizens who care about the origins of their materials, the livelihood of the craftsman, and the permanence of the items they purchase.

It's this future that drives our passion and directs our steps. We know that the only way to reach this destination is to be different and start the change we'd love to see in the jewelry industry.

We hope you'll join us in our journey to change the standard of jewelry in North America, and around the world. 

Our Team



Co-Founder / Goldsmith

First studying in California on lost wax casting in 2016, Allan has since honed his skills in gemsetting and jewelry repairs to become a well-rounded bench jeweler capable of many design styles. 



Co-Founder / Designer

In 2017 Laurel became a certified CAD jewelry designer to further her abilities. Soon after, Northwood added a 3D printer to their toolset and the design possibilities became almost limitless.



Head Artist

Starting with Northwood in 2017, Kristina quickly became the head artist on making and finishing our jewelry. Her passion for the finer details has helped Northwood come to define quality in our niche of gold & wood jewelry. 



Project Coordinator / Content Specialist

Michelle started her time at Northwood as our office manager, but we quickly realized her talent for seeing the bigger picture, and her love of writing was too valuable to ignore.  She is now working in the background full-time to create educational and intriguing content for our customers and taking on any large project that moves our business towards the future we envision for ourselves.



Office Administrator

Newest to our team but already at home, Sacha keeps us organized and makes customer care look effortless. Her creative personality has her learning all she can about jewelry, trends, and how our items are made - and that knowledge is invaluable as she helps our customers navigate their own special purchases.



Lovable Shop Dog

Parker keeps us all smiling with her sweet nature and free cuddles. She's always willing to help anyone finish their lunch. Her favourite part of the day is when the UPS driver comes to pick up the packages. He always brings a treat, and she thinks that's the best!