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Finding Your Ring Size: Visiting a Jewelry Store

The fastest, most accurate way to find your ring size is to leave it to the professionals. Any jewelry store should have the right tools, and be able to ask the right questions, to make sure you find the best fit. 

Some questions they may ask you will be:

  • What width of ring do you want to wear? (wider rings may need to be worn at larger sizes)
  • What the inside profile is of the ring you plan to wear (there are two main profiles, standard fit and comfort fit - you can learn more below)
  • If you're feeling hot or cold at the moment of sizing (fingers can change sizes throughout the seasons, month, or even day! It can be based on your exertion or how much salt you ate the night before. Finding a great fit is about finding an average size that will feel comfortable throughout the changes). 


Inner Profiles Explained:

The inner profile of your ring is the part of the band that will sit against your finger. This can be flat, also known as standard, or comfort, which means it's shaped like a D, curving towards the middle. 




A comfort fit is meant to be more comfortable to wear as less of the metal sits snug against your finger. This is most helpful in wider rings, and not as noticeable in thinner bands. 

If you are sized for a standard ring, but buying a comfort fit style, you may find you need to reduce your size by a quarter to get a similar fit.


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