How to find your ring size: I am ordering a ring as a surprise for someone and don’t know their size

 That’s okay. This is not an uncommon request and most rings can be resized (Be sure you know whether the style you are planning on can be resized before you order!). You can reach out to us and answer a few questions and we’ll help you determine a good average size to order and discuss the resizing process. However, If you can find their size ahead of time it means they will be able to wear their new ring immediately without having to wait for resizing, so it’s best to try to find it if you can. It will also save you some extra costs in resizing fees.

A few ways you may be able to find their size on the sly:

  • If they have a ring they already wear and you can sneak it away, you can take it to a jewelry store to be sized, or use our tips on measuring a ring above. You can also mark on your finger how far it fits you, then have that part of your finger sized. 
  • Solicit help from their friends and/or family members. Most people love to help and can be great allies in helping to find out their ring size secretly. 
  • Reach out to us for our favorite trick we won’t post publicly so as not to give away our secret
  • Consider proposing with a stand-in ring. Sometimes designing their perfect ring together after the proposal can be a wonderful and fun experience. You can propose with a toy ring, or another item, and let your partner know that they can be involved in the design of the ring they will wear forever.