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A special jewelry piece can be worn for a lifetime, passed down, and worn again, carrying with it the stories of your history and love.


Laurel Hill

Enchanted by how things were built at a young age, and with a strong sense of personal style, Laurel has always been a designer at heart.

She credits her early years spent shadowing her inventor grandfather in his workshop for her willingness to try new ideas and attempt to build whatever she imagines. His love of how things worked, and passion for his own business, laid a foundation in Laurel's life that led her to pursue her own dreams.

This determination led to Allan and Laurel beginning their Etsy jewelry business in 2012, and later, to both of them pursuing their individual passions within the jewelry trade.

In 2018 Laurel completed her Advanced Jewellery Design in CAD course, rekindling a passion that had awoken in highschool when she was first introduced to computer aided design.

Today she brings together her love for nature, beautiful items, and computer aided design, to create one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry for our customers.

Creating Your Custom Design

We follow a simple process to find, design, and create your dream piece


We’ll start by talking about who you are, why you’re having a custom piece designed, and what kind of budget you’d like to maintain. To be able to bring your vision to life, we’ll want to know what kind of lifestyle you or the person you’re having the piece designed for leads, as well as your or their style preferences.


Once your design details are fully conceptualized, they’ll be shared with Laurel. Soon after, she’ll present you with a sketch and/or CAD render that reflects your ultimate vision and style preferences. She may also make material recommendations or other suggestions to ensure the best possible version of your imagined piece is realized.


This is where our jewelers shine! Your piece will be 3D printed, cast by Allan—our goldsmith—, then hand-finished at our shop in Nova Scotia, Canada. It will also be carefully inspected before you receive it to be sure it meets our quality standards. Before you know it, you’ll be proudly wearing or gifting a piece of jewelry that not long ago was only a dream.

Getting Started & Pricing

We've kept our pricing model simple and transparent. The cost of having something custom made depends on the design time, labor, and materials. There is no extra fee to have something custom made.

During the discussion phase we'll include conversations about your budget to ensure it lines up with the vision you have for your piece. If the budget and vision discussed can be met, then we'll proceed by taking a deposit and move on to the design stage.