Commonly Requested Repairs

In most cases it's best to bring your jewelry to our store to be evaluated in person. Each service is varied in price depending on the piece being worked on.

Our ring resizing is done in-house with laser welding technology. Prices are based on the width of the ring, metal karat/type, and complexity (such as number and placement of stones).

Most prong repair can be done with our laser welder without the need to remove your stones. This is ideal for rings with multiple stones as the settings do not need to be touched and stones can stay in place.

Missing stones? We can source a close match and reset in most setting types. Our goldsmith will also tighten and evaluate any remaining stones to let you know what may be needed in future.

Breaks, cracks, old clasps that don't work any more? We can repair most chain issues. Even fine chains can be repaired with the use of laser welding.

We use Renata brand batteries and replacement includes a new gasket if needed. Cost is typically $18 plus tax. We can also repair or replace most watch straps, including shortening.

Broken clasps, safety chains, missing earring posts and other small, miscellanious repairs can be assessed onsite. Most of the time we can help. If you are considering reworking older jewelry, please see our section lower down on this page.

Have jewelry you no longer wear? Make it new again!

We love working with our customers to rework old jewelry into something new. We'll work with your larger stones and gold or silver to turn old jewelry into a wearable, modern piece for you or your loved ones.

Reworking jewelry is best for people who want to pass down the sentiment. It is not always as cost effective as using new materials as work needs to be done to take apart old pieces, melt metal down, and all casting work needs to be done separately to keep your materials to just your piece. However, it's a great way to pass down your history and keep heirlooms within the family.

Please keep in mind that small stones (melees) are typically too difficult to extract and reset, so we won't work with reused stones smaller than 3mm in size.



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