Black Onyx Marquise Studs


A harmonious fusion of classic elegance and modern sophistication, these striking earrings feature Natural Black Onyx gemstones in a marquise cut, offering a bold and stylish statement.

Each earring showcases a captivating 7x3.5mm marquise-cut Natural Black Onyx, carefully selected for its deep, rich color and high-quality finish. The sleek, elongated shape of the marquise cut adds a touch of refinement, while the onyx's intense black hue emanates an air of mystery and allure.

Set in 14 karat white gold, the earrings boast a sleek, contemporary appeal that seamlessly complements the striking tones of the black onyx. The smooth, polished finish of the white gold provides an exquisite backdrop for the gemstones, creating a harmonious balance between the contrasting elements.

Our Black Onyx Studs set in 14K White Gold are more than just a beautiful accessory – they symbolize strength, protection, and grounding energy. Black onyx is believed to provide its wearer with emotional support and resilience, making these earrings not only visually stunning but also meaningful and empowering.

Elevate your style and make a powerful statement with our captivating Black Onyx Studs set in 14K White Gold. Indulge in the beauty, elegance, and symbolism of these exquisite earrings.



Natural Black Onyx
100% SCS Certified Recycled Gold

Shown With:
Natural Black Onyx
14K White Gold
Earring Size: 7mm x 3mm

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Black Onyx Marquise Studs

$275 CAD

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